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If you experience a neck or back injury and chronic pain but want to avoid surgery, the experienced physical therapy provider at Polaris Spine & Neurosurgery Center in Atlanta, Georgia, can help. They offer advanced physical therapy exercises to improve mobility, increase range of motion, accelerate healing, and ease your pain. Schedule an appointment with Polaris Spine & Neurosurgery Center over the phone or online today.

Physical Therapy Q & A

What is physical therapy?

Physical therapy is a series of strength, aerobic, and stretching exercises that accelerate healing. Physical therapy builds strength and flexibility, and relieves chronic pain associated with neck, back, and other injuries. The licensed physical therapists at Polaris Spine & Neurosurgery Center also offer aquatic therapy in water to relieve pressure on your joints.

What should I expect during physical therapy sessions?

Your personalized physical therapy program might include one or more of the following:

Manual therapy

Your therapist uses a series of stretches and manual manipulation techniques to break up scar tissue, improve range of motion, relieve tension, and accelerate healing.

Dry needling

During dry needling, your therapist inserts tiny needles in your body at trigger points, or areas of tight muscle fibers, to release knots and relieve muscle spasms, tension, and pain.

Kinesio taping

Kinesio taping uses a special tape to lift up areas of skin to facilitate lymphatic drainage, increase blood flow, and reduce inflammation and pressure to accelerate healing and alleviate pain.


Cupping uses special suction cups to increase blood flow, loosen tight muscles, and relieve a stiff neck or back and the pain associated with it.

Personalized at-home exercise programs

At-home exercise programs are just as important as in-office physical therapy treatments to give you the best chance of making a full recovery. Your physical therapist gives you personalized stretches and exercises to complete on your own at home between outpatient physical therapy sessions.

Pre- and postsurgical programs

If you require neck or back surgery in the future or you’ve recently had surgery, pre- and post-surgical physical therapy programs can enhance your results, accelerate healing, and reduce your risk of future injuries and pain.

Aquatic therapy

Aquatic therapy involves strengthening, aerobic, and flexibility exercises in the water to relieve joint pressure or add water resistance during physical therapy sessions.

Is physical therapy right for me?

The Polaris Spine & Neurosurgery Center team fully evaluates you by reviewing your medical history, asking questions about your symptoms, and completing a physical exam. They tailor each physical therapy program using the tools necessary to improve your condition.

The physical therapists at Polaris Spine & Neurosurgery Center have worked directly with the physiatrists and neurosurgeons to fully understand specific limitations that patients have pre- and post-surgery.

Your provider might recommend physical therapy in conjunction with nonsurgical treatments, such as steroid or regenerative injections, to give you the most desirable outcome. Polaris Spine & Neurosurgery doctors always recommend nonsurgical treatments when possible, but they understand the importance of surgery in certain instances.

Don’t live with a slow-healing injury or chronic pain when you don’t have to. Schedule an appointment with Polaris Spine & Neurosurgery over the phone or online today.