Robotic Spine Surgery Arrives in Atlanta, GA

As modern medical advances in recent years have made spine surgery much less invasive and more precise, the latest technology takes this trend to a whole new level. Robotic-assisted surgery now enables spine surgeons to conduct procedures with accuracy rates that were once thought impossible. We’re pleased to announce that robotic spine surgery is now available in Atlanta, Georgia.

With the arrival of ExcelsiusGPS, Polaris Spine and Neurosurgery Center becomes the first outpatient clinic in the southeast — and only the second center nationwide — to offer state-of-the-art robotic-assisted spine surgery to its patients. These procedures are so accurate and so minimally invasive that they can be conducted on an outpatient basis, meaning patients can now go home to recover on the same day of their surgery.

How Does Robotic-Assisted Spine Surgery Work?

Robotic spine surgery combines advanced navigation technology with an advanced robotic arm to enable spine surgeons to make incisions and place implants at stunning levels of accuracy, far more than the human hand could manage alone. Contrary to what the terminology might suggest, a robot does not “perform” the surgery; the surgeon remains in control throughout the procedure. Instead, advanced mapping and visualization enables the surgeon to guide the robotic arm to the exact region in the patient’s anatomy where the incision/implant must be placed. ExcelsiusGPS takes this technology even further with GPS-style mapping technology. Working from images taken of the patient’s anatomy, this advanced system can adapt and recalculate in real time, allowing for the patient’s natural movements on the table.

Advantages of Robotic Spine Surgery

What makes robotic spine surgery such an advantage for residents of Atlanta and vicinity? The precision of robotic surgery provides the following benefits:

Polaris Spine & Neurosurgery is pleased to be the first clinic in Atlanta, GA to offer robotic spine surgery to qualified candidates. To consult with a physician and find out whether this surgery is right for you, call for a consultation at 404-256-2633.

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