Manage Back Pain with Regenerative Injection Therapy

As an alternative to invasive surgical procedures, many patients suffering from back pain are able to manage the pain with regenerative injection therapy. This innovative yet natural form of medicine serves to activate the body’s own self-healing mechanisms to restore damaged tissue and provide lasting pain relief.

What is regenerative injection therapy?

Modern forms of regenerative injection therapy involve concentrating and injecting the body’s own regenerative cells at the point of pain or injury to stimulate and accelerate the natural healing process. The concept of triggering the body’s self-healing mechanisms is not new; in fact, history records that Hippocrates, the father of medicine, used a primitive form of regenerative therapy as early as 400 B.C. However, more recent medical advances have revolutionized this form of treatment, making it highly effective in patients suffering from various forms of back pain and other injuries.

Types of regenerative injection therapy

At Polaris, we utilize two different types of regenerative therapies with our patients who need it and request it:

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy

Platelet cells in the blood are responsible for clotting and initiating healing at the point of injury. PRP therapy extracts blood from the patient and separates the plasma in a centrifuge, concentrating the platelet count between 10-15 times. The plasma is then reintroduced at the point of injury to accelerate the healing process.

Stem Cell Therapy

We all have stem cells in our body—non-specific cells with the ability to differentiate, or form themselves into specific types of cells to replaced damaged or dead cells. With this form of therapy, we draw a small amount of fatty adipose tissue in the patient’s abdomen, which is rich in adult stem cells. After processing it, we reinject these stem cells into the affected area to promote restoration of injured or dead cells.

What can regenerative injection therapies treat?

Various types of regenerative injection therapy have shown to be effective in treating many different types of injuries and diseases. For patients suffering from back and spine problems, these therapies can be used to treat a number of pain-causing conditions, including osteoarthritis, chronic tendonitis, degenerative disk disease, cartilage and ligament damage, as well as other spine-related injuries.

Polaris Spine and Neurosurgery Center is committed to making the most of modern medical advances to provide non-invasive healing options for our patients. To learn more about managing back pain with regenerative injection therapy, call us today at 404-256-2633.

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