Finding an Outpatient Spinal Care Clinic in Atlanta

Thanks to modern medical advances, many spine surgeries, and other procedures can be performed with minimal invasiveness and on an outpatient basis. Outpatient surgery allows you to go home the same day as your procedure, resulting in lower costs and faster recovery times. That said, not every outpatient facility is made alike. Here are a few tips for finding an outpatient spinal care clinic in Atlanta suited for your needs.

Look for a Clinic that Offers Numerous Treatment Options

Outpatient care is not an ends unto itself, and you shouldn’t go to a facility simply on the basis that they do outpatient surgery. Ask the clinic about the various treatment options for your pain issue. A good clinic will provide a number of treatment options for spine and back pain, from physical therapy and massage therapy to regenerative injection therapy — and sometimes even other wellness options like acupuncture. Surgery should always be considered as a last resort, even on an outpatient basis.

Look for a Clinic that Offers Cutting-Edge Solutions

Modern medicine continues to provide new treatment solutions that make surgery less risky, less invasive and more effective. A good outpatient spinal care clinic will seek to provide patients with the latest in these medical advances. Does the clinic offer stem cell therapy as a regenerative solution, for example? Does it offer outpatient robotic-assisted surgery?

Look for a Clinic with Experienced Neurosurgeons

Outpatient services may cost less, but that doesn’t mean they require less expertise. For instance, minimally invasive outpatient surgery requires the surgeon to make extremely small incisions with remarkable accuracy. The more experienced the physicians and the staff, the better. Before choosing a clinic, ask to see the list of physicians and staff members. Take a few minutes to look at their experience and credentials. How many years have they been practicing medicine? How many successful surgeries have they performed?

Polaris Spine & Neurosurgery Center is staffed with a team of compassionate, highly experienced surgeons who are committed to providing their patients with the highest standards of care. We offer a wide range of wellness services and outpatient procedures tailored to the specific needs of each patient. If you’re looking for an excellent outpatient spinal care clinic in Atlanta, call us today for a consultation at 404-256-2633.

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