Can Regenerative Injection Therapy (RIT) Repair Injured Tissues?

Regenerative Injection Therapy (RIT) does not directly repair an injury. Rather, it stimulates the body to begin healing itself. To understand how it works, we must first understand the body’s healing processes. When you sustain a physical injury, the immediate inflammation in the area sends a signal to your body to begin the process of healing itself. The inflammation itself serves to clear away damaged tissue so new tissue can replace it. However, several factors may complicate this process:

With regenerative injection therapy, a naturopathic solution is injected into the joint or point of injury to stimulate the healing process, often as an alternative to surgery. The solution is an irritant that creates necessary inflammation, effectively resetting the body’s triggers so that the self-healing process can begin.

What conditions respond to regenerative injection therapy?

Regenerative injection therapy may be an effective alternative to invasive surgery for a number of joint or muscle related injuries, such as:

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