4 Tips for Finding the Best Neurosurgeon in Atlanta

If you need surgery of the brain or spine, it’s important to work with a clinic that is known for the best neurosurgery in Atlanta, with proven experience and skill, someone you can trust. As with any other profession, some neurosurgeons may be more skilled and experienced than others. Here are some research tips to help you find a top neurosurgeon in Atlanta.

Look at the team, not just the surgeon

Ultimately, the best neurosurgeons will also surround themselves with the best possible support system. Don’t just look at the surgeon’s track record; also look at the context. Is the neurosurgeon affiliated with a specific hospital or clinic? What type of team is in place at that facility, and how well-reviewed are they in their areas of expertise?

Make sure the neurosurgeon is board certified

Board certified surgeons work to meet a very stringent set of criteria and maintain a high standard of excellence to keep their certification in effect. You can find out whether your neurosurgeon is board certified by searching online at sites like the American Board of Neurological Surgery or the American Board of Physician Specialties. If you don’t see your surgeon’s name in one of these rosters, ask the surgeon where they are certified and check with that organization to verify that the surgeon is in good standing. If you haven’t found a surgeon yet, these same sites will allow you to search for board certified neurosurgeons in Atlanta, or any other location, for that matter.

Look for a neurosurgeon with specific expertise and experience

Another key to finding the right surgeon for you is to focus on those having specific experience and training in the type of procedure you need. Many neurosurgeons focus on one or more areas of interest and will have more experience with those specific procedures. Before selecting a neurosurgeon, be sure to ask how many of your type of procedure that doctor has performed, as well as his/her rate of success with those procedures.

Ask other people in Atlanta whom they have worked with

Admittedly, if you have a unique condition, it may be a challenge to find other people locally who have had surgery for the same condition. However, if you can connect with other neurological patients in Atlanta and ask whom they’ve worked with, you may find a wealth of helpful information about neurosurgeons in the area, particularly how well they communicate with patients, what they do to make patients comfortable, their success rates, and so on. This information is just as important to your decision as knowing a certain surgeon’s credentials or education.

Here in Atlanta, Polaris Spine and Neurosurgery Center prides itself on offering state-of-the-art treatment by some of the top neurosurgeons in Atlanta. We’ve worked hard to assemble a stellar team, and all our surgeons are both board certified and members in good standing of the American Association of Neurological Surgeons. To schedule an appointment, give us a call at 404.256.2633.

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